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What to sell your house quickly? Tired of seeing your house sitting in the market with no interest from buyers? Contact me and I can help!


With economy so slow in this area, it is really not your fault for not being able to sell your home quickly. There are signs of house for sale in almost every block. many people have lost their jobs and are selling their home! So what do you do?


The key to success is, obviously, a successful marketing campaign. Most realtors simply list your property on MLS, and then waiting for buyers to come. In good market it may be ok, but in a buyer’s market you can hardly move a property that way. On top of all marketing tools and options other realtors use, I will also offer lease purchase option to tenant who are not ready to buy yet, but will turn to a great buyer in the years to come! This is a huge market overlooked by 99% of realtors. No wonder they cannot sell! I am proud of my ability to help you sell a house otherwise hard to sell, to a buyer otherwise hard to buy. This is clearly a win-win solution for all!


If you are experiencing a job transfer to other location, or moving to a larger house, or have any other compelling reason to sell your home quickly at a fair price, you should consider my lease purchase program. It may move your property quickly in a slow market, and at the same time save your realtor commission cost. Contact me and I will give you a free consultation whether lease purchase is a good way to sell your house. There is no obligation whatsoever. If you are convinced to go for it, I can guide you through the whole process, including finding a tenant/buyer, prepare all legal contract, etc. If you decide you want to sell outright in a conventional way, I will be happy to sell it for you in the open market too!


If you have a more compelling reason to sell your home quickly due to mortgage loan default, a divorce, or getting an unwanted real estate by heritage, contact me right away! I may help you go through all possible options to dispose your property quickly, even if you do not have enough equity to pay for realtor commission, and cannot afford to lower your sale price. Keep in mind that foreclosure and bankruptcy are the most devastating events in your credit history and they stay there for many years! You should try everything you can to avoid a foreclosure. Please visit my foreclosure column for more information about what to do in the foreclosure situation. You should take more effort than simply list it on the market through a realtor, especially if you do not have enough equity to pay for transaction cost. If you cannot sell your house before foreclosure, not only you lose home, you also ruin your credit. Contact me as soon as possible to avoid foreclosure!