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If you have never invested in Texas real estate, the first question you want to ask is probably: Why Texas? Why Dallas?


Great question when you see real estate market price in California, Las Vegas, New York, and Washington D.C. doubled over last 5 years. In Texas, the rate of appreciation is much lower. However, more and more investment capital is coming into the Texas real estate market. Here are some reasons:


· Very limited risk in investing in Texas real estate market. The home price is so low that new homes are selling very close to builder’s cost.

· Excellent capital return from rent money. Most successful long term real estate investors do not buy properties for appreciation only. Instead, they make money from rental income. Dallas is one of a few metropolitan area in US that you could achieve positive cash flow from rental income with proper management, i.e., you make money from rent after you deduct mortgage interest, property tax, management fee, property insurance, etc.

· Great population growth in Dallas area. Do you know that McKinney, which is the city I invest heavily for myself and my client, is the fastest growing city with population of 50,000 or more in US? According to US census estimates released June 24, 2004, from 2000 to 2003, McKinney grew by 47.1%. And it is not even a close race. The 2nd place went to Temecula City in California with 33.1% growth. Actually the growth seems accelerating since 2004. As of June 1, 2004, McKinney has population of 85,865, a 60% increase from 53,725 in 2000. All neighboring cities like Frisco, Allen, etc. are experiencing similar growth as well.

· Excellent public education system in all cities north to Dallas: Plano, Allen, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney, etc.

· Very robust and diversified economy.


As a resident of California for more than 10 years, I choose to relocate to Dallas, Texas and I enjoyed my relaxed life here. Many families and business are moving to Texas just like me. The low living cost and healthy economy is creating an influx of population, which will inevitably create a new wave of real estate appreciation. I already see a trend of increased real estate investment activities from both local and out-of-state investors. Besides solid rental income, I firmly believe we will get a nice bonus from price appreciation in the years to come. In last 10 years coastal areas in US have seen phenomenal appreciation partly helped by foreign investors. Nowadays with increased talk of real estate bubble, smart investors have started putting their money into solid markets like Texas.


I have helped many people with or without real estate investment experience to make money in real estate market. My turn-key package deal is extremely valuable to investors at all levels. Here is what I do with my turn-key package for you:


¨ Run an analysis of expected invest return with you to align with your investment goal. It is important to set your expectation correctly so that you are better prepared. Like any other business, planning is crucial for long term success.


¨ Help you find the best deal in the market, and guide you through the purchase process.

· As a licensed realtor, I have access to all properties available for sale on the market.

· As an investor myself, I have excellent feeling of fair market price and market trend. I understand your concern.

· As an experienced investor and realtor, I have built excellent relationship with many home builders in the area. Very often my purchase volume allows me to negotiate with builder corporate office directly for a wholesale deal hard to imagine by a retail buyer.

· Buying the right property at the right price is the first step to successful investing, and is the most important step. You cannot afford to lose your edge right at front. Talk to me before you make your decision!


¨ Help you get the best finance option and the best rate in the market.

· As a licensed loan officer, I have access to hundreds of lenders, and get the most competitive financing option for you.

· You have no obligation to use my service as a loan officer, and I am willing to compete with any loan broker in the market. However, when I am handling your loan and purchase together, the chance to close the deal on time is much better.


¨ Find you qualified tenant.

· Market your investment property to potential tenant on my website, major newspapers, yard sign, MLS, etc. to get the best exposure.

· Screen applicant background including credit history check, rental history check and employment verification.

· Put everything into written contract to protect your interest.


¨ Manage the property for you.

· Collect rent, and deposit into your bank account.

· Handle repairs and maintenance for your property.

· Handle eviction in case anything went wrong.


¨ Sell your property either to your tenant or on the open market when you want to cash out.

· When the time is right you want to cash out to invest in next deal.

· I offer all options to help you exit, including conventional way like listing your property on open market (MLS), and creative way of lease purchase to tenant!

· I offer all marketing tools, including MLS listing, internet advertisement, yard sign, flyers, open house, etc.


My turn-key deal has helped both local and out-of-state investor to participate in real estate market in Dallas metropolitan area. Some investors have never been to Texas, yet they are making money every month from Texas! Call me and let me help you to make money! Chick here to check houses for sale.