If you are determined to buy a home, I am happy to assist you to find the best deal available from the open market. As a license agent, I can represent you and negotiate on your behalf on your purchase, and guide you through the whole purchase process. As an experienced investor, I have excellent sense of fair market price, and am very confident to get an excellent deal for you. I often negotiate with builders for a wholesale deal and you can participate with rock bottom price for a beautiful home! Please call for availability and details of such opportunities! Remember I am also a licensed loan officer. I can pre-qualify you before you make commitment to any house, and get you a mortgage for your home! It is a seamless process to ensure a smooth transaction.


Have any blemish with your credit history and not be able to obtain a mortgage loan with reasonable interest rate? Or do not have enough down payment money but still want to buy? You should consider lease purchase. As a loan officer I can tell you in the beginning if you qualify for a home. If you are not yet, a lease purchase may be an option for you. All my properties are open to lease purchase. If you are interested in owning any of the properties available here, but not financially ready yet to buy, contact me about my lease purchase program. Even if I do not have  a home to meet your needs, I can locate and invest a home from open market and make it available for you! You will live in your dream home right away without loan approval, and with very little down payment money. Sounds great? That is why more and more buyers are choosing this route to achieve their American Dream. During your lease term I can also help you improve your credit so that you will be ready for a mortgage soon. Contact me if I can be of any help!


If you are interested in real estate investing, or you are already an experienced investor, I can help you succeed in this field. My “turn key” package deal has helped a lot of investors to make money with least of their own effort! Please take a look of “Investor” column for more information.


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